September 2011

Banned Books Week 2011

What Are You Reading?

Every fall when Banned Books Week rolls around, I look up the list of the previous year's most frequently challenged books and try to read one off the list.  There's usually a couple of sci-fi and fantasty books to choose from: This year, for example, there's Brave New World, The Hunger Games, and (of course) Twilight.

Don't Discount Franchise Books


I love getting into a massive series of science fiction books, whether it's the entire Star Trek and Star Wars franchises or the latest from the lesser known series out there. When I first got into science fiction, I shied away from the larger series because I was a little intimidated by the sheer number of books.

One day, I was at the library and bored out my mind. I started reading one of the many Star Trek books and have been hooked ever since. The main reason why larger series are a draw to me now is they never have an end. How many times have you read a short science fiction series and been saddened when it came to the end? All the mysteries are solved, and those characters that you have grown to love through 3-5 books are put out to pasture.