April 2011

Best Sci-Fi Novel of All Time: Dune by Frank Herbert

Herbert Had To Have Been Clairvoyant

     I decided to start a little controversy on this site, since I find that Sci-Fi and Fantasy readers seem to defend their fan favorites the most ferociously. If you're interested, post your "Best of All-Time" pick and we can weigh the merits.

     Many people would probably throw their lot in with Card's Ender's Game or maybe something less spacy like Children of Men. Some will probably go old-school with Stranger in a Strange Land or A Childhood's End. A Brave New World? However, what many of those novels lack is a modern, topical tale written on the grandest scale imaginable. My choice, of course, is Dune, by Frank Herbert.

The Latest Hunger Games Movie News

Like many adolescents and adults out there, I am an enormous fan of The Hunger Games. The series is amazingly written; it’s engaging, exciting, scary, and even romantic, though not in a force-fed way. Even though it was meant for teens, like the Twilight series before it, it has a Pied Piper’s line of adult followers behind it. Unlike that regrettable series, however, it deserves the line.