January 2010

Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded

John Scalzi is a science fiction author I learned about through my colleague. Scalzi is one of the more widely read bloggers in the realm of Science Fiction and has recently published a series of his more popular blog posts from “Whatever”. The book is  entitled, “Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded” and interestingly enough, he won the Hugo award for “Best Related Book” for 2009 and was awarded the prize at last year’s World-con. This is only interesting because of the books nominated, his seems to be the least-related to science fiction on the list.

John Scalzi, "After the Coup"

The folks behind the Tor.com website have been putting out high quality science fiction bits for free for over a year now if memory serves.  I get the Tor emails in my in-box, and they either tell me to go read something on their website, or provide a link so that I can download it.  I always do so.

Tor's experiment is a bold one, in an industry where several high profile publications still refuse to accept submissions by email.  And where the internet is seen by certain members of the community as nothing but a collection of "pixel stained technopeasants."  I haven't heard any actual data, but the fact that Tor continues to publish free science fiction on their website certainly indicates that it's working for them.

Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I forget why I started browsing Amazon's list of science fiction bestsellers, because as soon as I saw the list, I completely lost my train of thought.  Say what you will about eBooks like the Kindle killing the print publishing industry, it has clearly given a huge boost to the science fiction writing business!  Many classic science fiction books are available for free for the Kindle, and many of these are now on Amazon's top 100 list.  H. G. Wells' 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is currently holding the #4 spot, which is pretty impressive if you ask me!

Similarly, Douglas Adams The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a work which celebrated its 30th birthday in 2008, is in the top 100 as a Kindle selection.  Warms a science fiction reader's heart, it does!