The Latest Hunger Games Movie News

The Latest Hunger Games Movie News

Like many adolescents and adults out there, I am an enormous fan of The Hunger Games. The series is amazingly written; it’s engaging, exciting, scary, and even romantic, though not in a force-fed way. Even though it was meant for teens, like the Twilight series before it, it has a Pied Piper’s line of adult followers behind it. Unlike that regrettable series, however, it deserves the line.

So it’s only with a smidge of guilt and embarrassment that I continue to follow Every. Single. Update. About the series like a besotted teenager. Though I cringed over Josh Hutcherson’s placement as Peeta, the Hero of a Lifetime, I’m growing on it, now that I’ve seen pictures of an older, blonder Josh. And though I longed for Hailee Steinfeld to play Katniss, I’m pretty cool with Jennifer Lawrence in the role; the same goes to my attachment to first Miranda Richardson, then Kristen Chenoweth as Effie Trinket, who will be played by the adorable Elizabeth Banks, who happens to be a ginormous fan of the series, too—and you can’t ask for cast members better than that.

But something I’m even loather to admit is that I’m following the tribute casting on Facebook—a site that I gave up for a couple of months because I was just exhausted from the hatred and dramatic crap happening there—and I am just addicted to visiting every day (in what is sure to be premeditated daily announcements, of course, to lengthen the drama; why announce the cast all at once?) and seeing tribute pictures posted in a manner similar to the way they are shown in the books.

The thing is, in order to log in and see the application, you have to be on an “insecure connection,” which I don’t like, even if I don’t fully understand it. I’ve heard that it makes your personal information more vulnerable, though, so I change it back every time I finish reading the day’s update, and I can’t help but feeling like a weird, twisted teen/adult hybrid—muttation?—who is obsessed with both her favorite book series as well as her online privacy.

At any rate, if you want to see the lineup and follow it, click the link above; if you don’t want to possible privacy violation, you can do what I was doing at first: Google “hunger games movie” every day and click the news link. It’s just as accurate, if not as adolescently dramatic.

Also, Lenny Kravitz, Woody Harrelson, and the wonderful Stanley Tucci have all been offered roles, but no one knows which ones yet; any guesses?  I’m betting Tucci is in the running for the amazing Cinna—whom I’ve seen some awesome fan art of, with Jude Law featured as him instead—but as far as the other two, I’m stumped. I’m hoping that none of them are vying for President Snow, as he is the only remaining character whom I have an actor in mind that I have my heart set on—Bill Nye, of course, who will (again, of course) likely not play him.

Other casted roles include Katniss’s sister Prim (the sweet-looking Willow Shields, who definitely looks the part), her neglectful mother (Paula Malcomson), and the hottest guy in District 12 and Katniss’s best friend, Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth, who actually looks more like how I’d imagined Peeta). How perfect would teen River Phoenix have been to play Gale, by the way?

Thankfully John C. Reilley is not “in talks” to play Haymitch just yet, but I still fear it will happen. And now I’m left wondering about the next film as well… Have you heard that Kristen Bell wants to play Johanna Mason? (I just think she's too pretty and clean-cut for the role.) I loved hearing that Max Adler wanted to play Cato; it’s really too bad that he had a scheduling conflict. And who on earth could pull off Finnick Odair? Maybe Jensen Ackles of Supernatural?

Feel free to post your predictions and casting hopefuls below.