Is Science Fiction Just A Setting?

Is Science Fiction Just A Setting?

Recently, I had the opportunity to pitch of scripts and stories to someone looking for science fiction. When her heard that I

 was mostly known for horror writing, he asked me to craft some ideas that melded the two genres.

It made me wonder is science fiction was any more than just a setting. I mean if I put a werewolf in a space suit does that make it science fiction? I have spoken of the melding of genre's before, but there is a certain symbiotic relationship that science fiction and horror have.

If you take the dinosaur DNA and cloning out of “Jurassic Park”, you're left with a bunch of people being chased by creatures. You can't get more horror than that. There is definitely science fiction out there that don't mix with the horror genre, but they do naturally fit. Would “Alien” have been a horror movie if you replaced the bad guys with more traditional horror creatures?

All too often people simply translate science fiction a space. Anything done is space is science fiction because we can't really do a whole lot in space right now. If “Apollo 13” had been made in the 40's it would have been science fiction instead of a drama. In 50 years, “Back to the Future” may simply be classified as a comedy.

If you take the fiction out of science fiction, you're left with just science and that isn't much of a page turner.