Science Fiction in 100 Years

Science Fiction in 100 Years

Sometimes I can't help but wonder how science fiction will look in 100 or 200 hundred years. If you look at science fiction stories from the past, much of their inventions have actually happened.


Sure, we're not all tripping around the centuries in an H.G. Wells Time Machine, but the Nautilus is sure looks like a modern day submarine. We are able to communicate from long distances using our computers and have millions of books and other information at our finger tips.


It seems pretty difficult to think how things will be in 200 years. What do you do for science fiction if space travel is common place? What if we discover our first alien species? How do you write about science fiction if everything we wrote about is a reality. Will science fiction die out as a genre? Will we simply adapt to a new type of science fiction that doesn't revolve around aliens and spaceships?


I like to think that no matter what advances we make in science, there will always be authors willing to think beyond that discoveries to the next level. I remember stories about cloning decades before they first clones an animal. I remember watching Star Trek and now I have a PADD in my own home. It's an iPad, but it does the same thing.


Who knows in 200 years, science fiction could be about traveling to new universes or other dimensions. We have that now, but in a world where our science fiction is common place, they concepts will likely be much more prevalent.