Rise Of The Robots

Rise Of The Robots

Science fiction has a very wide base and you can get away with using pretty much anything as long as it has some kind of futuristic bent. One of the most popular items has always been robots. Robots have long been the pinnacle of science evolution.

The most advanced are more like human with mechanical parts than any type of artificial being. Many times robots are relegated to a supportive role as the side kick or comic relief. R2-D2 and C3PO definitely looked like robots, but were given interesting personalities that survived six movies and several television shows.

I once had the pleasure of interviewing Anthony Daniels who played C3PO and I was surprised at how much and C3PO shared many traits. Isaac Asimov was one of the first to really translate the complexities of robots in his collection of short stories “I, Robot.”

The struggle for robots to become more human and sentient has always been a major plot point for many stories. Robots are thought of as simply machines that follow rules and programming and can’t make decisions for themselves. When they do start having their own minds, they become scary because they no longer want a life of servitude.

Robots have been portrayed a lovable cute characters in stories and movies like Wall-e and as cold blooded killers in programs like Terminator. You either love them or hate them, but the truth is that we can’t live without them. The advanced robots of today are a far cry from the T1000, but we have already seen giant leaps in robot evolution.