The Return of Buck Rogers

The Return of Buck Rogers

When I was a kid there was a single science fiction series on television that I loved above all others – Buck Rogers. I 

don't know what it was about Col. Dearing, Buck and Tweeky fighting the evil forces of Princess Aradala and space vampires, but I tuned in whenever it was on.

Buck was a man out of time. He was frozen in space and landed back on Earth in the 25th century. His early Earth mannerisms and way of speaking was a running joke for both of the series' two seasons. The show was canceled, and for more than a decade, I had forgotten about it.

It wasn't until I saw the entire series on DVD that my Buck Rogers fandom was rekindled. It turns out Buck was originally a comic that ran in newspapers. It was quite different from the series, as can be expected. In the television series, Buck was a man of the late 70s, but this was obviously not the case in the comic strip.

Since its demise, Buck has popped up in comics and video games, but he has never reached the popularity heights he did in 1980. As an interesting aside, when Buck was shown in the U.K., it went against classic television staple Dr. Who and beat the crap out of the good doctor in the ratings.

If you are interested in reading the original comics, they are available in book form on, or you can also purchase the DVD series. Much like everything else, it is also available streaming on Netflix.