Read the Book... Or Wait for the Movie?

Read the Book... Or Wait for the Movie?

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Tonight my husband and I went to the bookstore to hang out, something we do at least once a week.  Tonight our table in the cafe was right next to a table stacked at least two feet high with Hunger Games books -- I guess they are expecting a lot of sales, with the movie coming out next month!

Every few minutes, some teenager or young woman would walk by, usually with a companion, and gush over the books.  We heard lots of "I'm so excited!" and "Have you read this yet?"

But... no one ever walked away with a copy of the book.

Which makes me wonder: Do books being made into movies make people more likely to read the book, or perhaps a little less likely, because they figure they can just watch the movie?

I suppose it probably depends in part on how successful the movie is.  A really great movie might leave someone wanting more, which could encourage them to read the books -- all three of them, in this case, so that they could find out what happens to Katniss after the first book.

On the other hand, if they have waited this long without reading the books, or if the movie isn't very good, they might just figure they will wait a little longer for the second movie to come out.

Personally, I usually try to read the book first, but on the few occasions where I haven't, a good movie or TV show will encourage me to try the book.  A couple of good examples are True Blood and the corresponding Sookie Stackhouse series of books by Charlaine Harris, and Twilight -- in both cases, I decided to read the books after seeing the TV show (True Blood) or movie (Twilight).

In this case, I've read The Hunger Games, but not the second and third books in the trilogy, though they are on my reading list.  I'm hoping to get around to reading them before I see the movie, though, and I hope that the upcoming movie will encourage at least a few kids to do the same!