Independent Science Fiction: Cheap and Entertaining

Independent Science Fiction: Cheap and Entertaining


It's no secret that breaking into the science fiction market is about as easy as busting into Fort Knox using only a 

toothpick. There is a reason that when you go to the bookstore, you see the same names popping up over and over again.

The world of science fiction changed with the creation of online bookstores, like Amazon, and the ease of e-books. You can download an entire book to your Kindle for 99 cents if you catch a good deal. These helped spawn a new group of writers in the independent science fiction genre.

They could be with a small publishing company that specializes in only e-books or even self-published. You won't see commercials for their books on Syfy on a Friday night.

You won't need to pay $7 or more for these books, like you would for the big guys, but you're also not guaranteed the quality. They can sell for as little as 99 cents, but they could be filled with plot holes and grammar mistakes that make them nearly impossible to read. 

That's the risk you take when you go with self-published or independent works. I know for a fact that self-published books are published as is and often have no connection to a copy editor.

For many of these authors, this book has been a dream of theirs since childhood, and self-publishing gives them an opportunity to make that dream a reality. When you go independent you run the risk of getting something pretty horrible or totally amazing. You'll never know unless you give them a chance.