Different Tastes in Fantasy

Different Tastes in Fantasy

Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn

My husband and I belong to a sci-fi and fantasy book club that meets monthly at our local Barnes & Noble.  This week we had our meeting, and we discussed Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince.  The last few books we've read haven't been very good (with the exception of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which I know is a classic but I was still rather disappointed with the ending).  I liked Dragon Prince, though, and I was all excited to be able to discuss a book I actually thought was good... Unfortunately, I was the only one who thought so!

Finding out that no one else in the group liked the book caused me to reflect on how tastes in fantasy and sci-fi tend to differ from person to person.  On the whole I disliked the last book our group read, Gardens of the Moon -- there were some points where I really started to enjoy the book, but it was quickly killed by too rapid of a scene change (you never had a chance to develop a rapport with any of the characters), or a boring section, or the fact that the plot was complex and very confusing.  Half the time I wasn't sure what was going on.

Dragon Prince, on the other hand, I thought had a nice flow to it.  I also liked the political atmosphere of the fantasy world, which I thought was complex and interesting (but not so complex that I couldn't follow it).  I liked and could relate to the characters, also, which helped.  I suppose someone might think it was "floofy" in comparison to Gardens of the Moon, but I loved it, and really had a difficult time reading the other.

What about you?  What kinds of fantasy and sci-fi novels do you enjoy, and what do you dislike or avoid?